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A non-profit organisation run by students, for students. 

The Malaysian Students' Council of Australia (MASCA) is an organization representing over 20,000 Malaysian students across Australia.


Since our founding in 2001, we have been the bridge between Malaysian students studying in Australia and Malaysian society back home. We aspire to build a strong and united Malaysian community in Australia while forging close relations with the Australian community.


MASCA National overlooks chapters established across the 6 states and 1 territory of Australia. Just as the philosophy of amiability and diversity is entwined in Malaysia's culture, we welcome all Malaysians regardless of their backgrounds. MASCA is recognised by the Government of Malaysia through Education Malaysia Australia (EMA).

  • There are so many Malaysian organizations including MASCA National, a MASCA for my state, and Malaysian student bodies at my university. Who does what?
    Think of this like different levels of government. MASCA National deals with matters that involve multiple (or even all) states and territories. Though we generally work at an administrative level, we do conduct events like voter ballot collections that involve coordination across the country. The State chapters handle affairs within your state and involve students from various universities in the state. Meanwhile, universities’ Malaysian student bodies represent and cater to students of their respective institutions, though their events may be open to all. We know, it can be confusing, so follow the organizations relevant to your university and state (and MASCA National too, of course) to see what each is up to. Visit this site for a list of Malaysian organizations in Australia!
  • What do the various departments of MASCA National do?
    Our administrative executives include the Chairperson, Deputy Chairperson, Secretary, Finance Director and Internal Administrator. They ensure that MASCA operates smoothly and can deliver to Malaysian students in Australia. The Liaison and Public Relations Directors support the vast connections that MASCA National has to other entities locally and globally and keep students updated. Our Welfare Director establishes initiatives to support the wellbeing and success of students, while our Advocacy Director ensures that students are update about and can engage with matters happening back home despite being overseas.
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