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​MASCAre - COVID 19 is a fundraising initiative by MASCA National for Malaysian students in need of financial aid in Australia. This initiative targets to collect $5000 from the public up until the end of April 2020, albeit the amount and duration might change as the situation evolves.


Donations can be made through bank transfer straight from the donor's account into the MASCA National's Commonwealth Bank account. There is no minimum donation required and is up to the discretion/sincerity of the donor: MASCA National's bank details are as follows: ​


Account Name: MASCA National

BSB: 062 230

Account Number: 1024 8120

Reference Note: COVID19


All donations will be made anonymous publicly unless the donor intends MASCA National to publicise in our postings on social media channels. The donor will be given the option to remain anonymous or be acknowledged.

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